Ayrshire Teeth Whitening

Ayrshire Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments around and so there a lot of talk about it, so were here to hopefully clear up some misconceptions and warn you of the dangers, So, does it damage teeth?

Is laser teeth whitening safe?

It’s safe if your dentist does it, and there are plenty of dentists that offer teeth whitening in Ayrshire. Salons and other non-dental companies offering laser services that are ‘peroxide-free’ may be breaking the law. And ‘non-peroxide’ treatments can still contain harmful ingredients such as sodium perborate or chlorine dioxide.

Do bleaching kits work?

Kits and products you buy over-the-counter or on the internet won’t make your teeth whiter. This is because, by law, these products must not contain or release more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. This concentration is too low to change the colour of your teeth. Products containing or releasing more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide can only be sold to a registered dental professional.

Can I get it on the NHS?

You can’t get whitening treatments on the NHS. Private charges for Ayrshire teeth whitening services will vary.

Is it illegal?

Tooth whitening in Ayrshire is legal if a qualified dental professional does it. Anyone carrying out tooth whitening that isn’t a qualified dental professional is doing it illegally. The legal age limit for tooth whitening is 18-years-old, so if you are under 18 you can’t have your teeth whitened.

Safe tips

If in doubt, don’t do it. If you’re unsure whether the treatment you’re being offered is legal, don’t go ahead. Ask your dentist for advice. Check their qualifications. If you want to make sure a provider can legally carry out whitening, check they are registered with the GDC. A qualified and registered dental professional will always have a GDC number.

If someone has insurance is whitening legal?

Only a dentist can take out insurance because it’s illegal for anyone other than a dental professional to carry out the treatmen. If someone offering tooth whitening says they have valid insurance or indemnity, it doesn’t mean their tooth whitening procedure is legal or safe.

This video coverts some natural methods