What Can A Halifax Dentist Offer?

Halifax dental services had undergone a significant leap in oral care. There are new dental services which had been unknown to us years ago. When we hear about the service or treatment, we are amazed on the developments in oral technology.

As we come across these services, it is better for us to have a glimpse of what these services do and which treatments are necessary for our dental hygiene.This can include bridges, crowns, dentures, emergency dental hygiene and fillings, braces, root canals, veneers, whitening, implants, and family dental services and more. Remember to ask your local Halifax dentist for more information before pursuing any of these procedures.

Below are some common services offered in Halifax.

Dental Bridge

The dental bridge got its name from its function. It bridges the gap in between teeth. This has additional beneficial functions. It prevents teeth from drifting to a non-aligned position. This also enables you to bite properly, chew well and talk better. It provides an anchor for the facial muscles to retain the shape of the patient's face. Bridges come in three types - traditional, cantilever and bonded and it is up to you and your dental doctor to find which is best for your dental condition.

dental bridge

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening in Halifax is among the dentistry services that are offered by Dentistry centers that are located in Halifax. If you are craving to have your once white teeth restored, this is the best place for you. However badly stained your teeth could be, the whitening systems that are used in dentistry center have the ability to effectively and gently whiten your stained teeth. The tooth whitening that is offered has been rated as 5 times effective as compared to the laser whitening, which is used in many dental clinics all over the world. Even though teeth whitening is among the most expensive dentistry services that are offered by many dental clinics, one should never assume that teeth whitening are expensive. On the contrary, many dental clinics in Halifax offer their clients with teeth whitening services at a low and affordable price. 


Dentures are commonly known as the false teeth and pretty much every Halifax dentist offers this service. This is a kind of artificial teeth that are designed to replace the missing ones. They are removable, so it becomes easier to brush and clean. This improves your smiling capability because there is no more missing tooth. With dentures, the patient can chew the food better. As there are no spaces in between, the patient can better pronounce words.

Cosmetic Dentistry

A cosmetic dentist is the other dentistry service that is offered by dental clinics in Halifax. Among this cosmetic dentist, services include ceramic veneers, which can be used for different dental situations. Ceramic veneers are useful in aligning crooked teeth, closing teeth gaps and lightening tooth color. Apparently, all the dental clinics that offer ceramic veneers have dentists who have a vast experience in ceramic veneers. They combine their dental skills with the use of advanced and latest technology to offer their clients with outstanding ceramic veneers, which in return will give them a beautiful smile. 

Dental Implants

The most common dental care service in Halifax is dental implants. It entails replacing artificial tooth roots, by having minor operations. In addition to replacing tooth roots, the dental implant also entails fixing tooth crowns to patients who have missing teeth. Every Halifax dentist that offers their client with dental implants has highly experienced dentists who are adept at carrying dental implants while ensuring that patients are not experiencing pain.


Crowns are placed on the teeth to restore the original shape. It also affords your biting piece additional strength. The appearance of the dental piece is improved because of the retention of the shape. Crowns are made of ceramic or porcelain.

dental crown


Braces are used to align the set of teeth. Aside from the alignment, it will correct your under bites as well as your cross bites. This will also provide for correction of the crooked teeth and problems with the jaws. There are so many kinds of braces. The traditional metal or steel are still being used by some dentists. Improved variations are the clear braces which are made from plastic or ceramics, this is the usually the choice of the typical Halifax dentist. There are also gold-plated stainless steel, titanium and incognito kinds of braces.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings had been services in the past. Today there are changes on how this is done. Fillings can be done through laser lights. The fillings can be made of different materials - porcelain being more preferred now as they are not visible. The gold and silver fillings used years ago are seldom applied. A root canal is a method that saves the tooth from extraction. Extraction is still done in many cases especially for those who find the root canal a bit expensive and time-consuming. Veneers are thin layers placed on the surface of a tooth for an improved appearance. In place of dentures are the implants. Titanium is placed on the jaws to which the artificial tooth is attached.

dental root
dental tool
dental tool
cover tooth

The Halifax dentist can handle emergency dental cases. He or she gives relief to patients suffering from a toothache, swollen face due to a toothache, damaged filling and bleeding gums. A good dental doctor gives valuable advice to the patients with regards to proper oral hygiene.