5 Best Dental Blogs of 2017

Here is a list of the top 5 dental blogs of 2017 so far.


123 Dentist Dental Blog

123dentist.com covers everything from the brush that you use to the advanced technology used by oral surgeons. 123 Dentist is a good general dental blog for anyone interested in oral health.

123dentist.com can also be used to find dentists near you, and even get you in contact with a dentist from your area.

Overall, 123dentist.com is a great central hub for anything to do with dentistry and one of the most outstanding dental blogs.



Dental Buzz Dental Blog

Dental Buzz is all about the rising trends of dentistry with its own edge to it. It covers the ins and outs of the trending ideas of oral health, all while making it easier to understand for the general public. Dental Buzz does a great job of differentiating what will actually be a part of dental future and what will not.

Overall, Dental Buzz is an interesting site that you can look at if you are curious about the new trends & techniques of dentistry.



Summerlea Dental Blog

The Summerlea Dental blog is an amazing blog for young readers especially, and covers everything there is to cover for teeth, dentists and oral care. Summerlea Dental mainly focusses on what is right for your teeth. The blog talks in various articles on what are the right and wrong foods to be eating, how to keep good care of your toothbrush, proper brushing techniques, how to handle loose teeth, and much much more.

The real great thing about this blog is that it is very easy to read and good education for children. I would personally recommend this blog to anyone interested in oral health.


Archer Dental Blog

Archer Dental is a general dental blog and service situated in Toronto. They recently won the “Best Toronto Dentist Award” for 2016. When you begin to look into dental service, you begin to see why. They offer optimal dentistry that will perfect any mouth: Archer Dental Offers 20+ specialized services as well.

Overall this is a great place & blog to visit if you have an interest in Oral Health.



James Block Dental Blogs

The James Block Dentistry Blog is a go-to blog for an overview of different dental procedures. In his blog, Dr Block does an excellent job of explaining complicated procedures that patients undergo to the general public. He is also recognized as a top-notch dentist in his area.

Overall, the James Block Dentistry Blog is my personal go-to blog when I look for all dental procedures.

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